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Actor and activist Russell Brand discovers what makes people tick



When Russell Brand first started getting publicly political, it was quite a surprise for the man we knew best chatting about housemates’ boozing on Big Brother’s Big Mouth to suddenly be calling for revolution.

But since then we’ve become quite used to the idea of him splitting his time between acting and activism, and his podcast Under the Skin marries celebrity with political causes pretty well.

Brand’s aim is to discover what’s beneath the surface of people and ideas he admires via interviews with everyone from New York City shaman Biet Simpkin to musician Cat Stevens.

He’s a passionate interviewe­r who is clearly moved by the subjects discussed, although the most interestin­g episodes are when he drops his guard a bit and reveals a glimpse of the man behind the Russell Brand ‘brand’.

WHERE TO START: He bonds with singer Annie Lennox over both being only children in a decent discussion about the origins of creativity.

WHERE TO FIND IT: You can listen to 15-minute excerpts, along with banter between Brand and his production team, on all podcast apps. The full episodes are on paid for podcasting service Luminary.


Ever had a crush on someone that grows into something a bit stalkery? Do you keep checking their Instagram to see what they had for tea? It could be that you’re suffering from Limerence.

Fortunatel­y, Bex Lindsay is here to put a name to that emotion and many others you’ve almost certainly felt but couldn’t label.

Each short, chatty and amusing episode looks into a different one – from ‘goya’, when an amazing TV show or novel transports you into its world, to ‘philoproge­nitiveness’ or parental love.

WHERE TO START: With Bex’s chat with fashion photograph­er Rankin about the feeling you get when you take a disappoint­ing photo, aka Vemödalen.


IT: The usual podcast apps.

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 ??  ?? Annie Lennox, above, whose interview with Russell Brand (left) makes an excellent starting point
Annie Lennox, above, whose interview with Russell Brand (left) makes an excellent starting point
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