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Big increase in littering reported across borough


- By TOM MACK thomas.mack@reachplc.com @T0Mmack

LITTERING has increased in green spaces as more people go out in warmer weather and coronaviru­s restrictio­ns are eased.

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council said there has been a “big increase” in people leaving rubbish recent days.

A spokesman said: “We’ve increased litter picking crews but we need your help to keep our parks and public areas looking good for everyone.

“If you are meeting up with friends and family, please use the bins provided and if the bins are already full, take your litter home with you.” The spokesman said all of the parks in Hinckley had seen an increase, with Richmond Park, Clarendon Park, Queen’s Park and Wykin Park the worst affected, as well as Burbage Common.

In the time it took the bin crews to go around and empty the bins and pick litter in Clarendon Park on March 31, the bins had filled again and the team went around for a second time.

Market Bosworth police said there had been a “marked increase” in reported Covid breaches in many public areas on the beat. A spokesman said: “Various parks in particular have seen a number of large gatherings. This in turn has meant a lot of litter. Please clean up after yourselves. Remember, these areas designed for small children.”

BINS have been left overflowin­g in Coalville after the loosening of lockdown restrictio­ns brought people out in their droves.

Photograph­s of bins filled with mountains of dog waste and litter have been posted on social media – and prompted some angry comments in response.

The Mercury has been sent pictures, including the one above, of a bin in the Greenhill Road area of Coalville, showing it overflowin­g and a poster warning people against fly-tipping.

North West Leicesters­hire District Council told the Mercury that their workers do empty both litter bins and dog waste bins regularly.

But the warm weather earlier this week brought thousands of people out into public places and left the council struggling to stay on top of the amount of rubbish left behind.

With the bins full and overflowin­g, the problem was made worse by others then dumping rubbish and dog poo on the ground next to them.

One person commenting on Facebook blamed both the public and council, writing: “Everywhere is filthy at the moment and very unkempt. Yes, the public should take some responsibi­lity for keeping the area clean but the council is slacking.”

Another said: “If nothing is done this place will be infested by vermin soon.”

However, a third comment questioned why people would dump rubbish for the council to sort, adding: “Considerin­g people are heading home with their dogs, why don’t they just take the poo bag home with them and put it in their own bin if the ones provided are like this?”

Bev Smith, chief executive of the council, urged people not to use overflowin­g bins and promised extra staff would be brought in to help clean up.

She said: “We collect from litter bins regularly on a rota system which covers the entire district. When there’s hot weather – as there has been this week – bins can fill up incredibly quickly.

“We ask people enjoying the sunshine to please take their rubbish home with them if there isn’t a bin nearby – or a bin is full.

“This is the best way to look after the environmen­t and ensure our parks and green spaces are clean and tidy for everyone to enjoy.

“We will also be bringing in some extra staffing to deal with the anticipate­d influx of waste and litter this summer as lockdown rules relax, and people are actively encouraged to meet friends and family in outdoor spaces.”

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MESS: Overflowin­g bins in Coalville

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