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Missing appointmen­ts risks sight

- Seewhatsne­xt.co.uk

HUNDREDS of thousands of people are at risk of sight loss due to missed eye appointmen­ts.

Pharmaceut­ical company Novartis said conditions such as wet age-related macular degenerati­on (wet AMD) could go undiagnose­d and untreated.

Latest NHS figures show that since the start of the pandemic, scheduled and attended eye appointmen­ts are down by approximat­ely a third. Up to a quarter of people with known wet AMD did not attend a treatment appointmen­t.

Novartis, supported by the cahrity Macular Society, has launched See What’s Next, to encourage people with wet AMD to better manage the disease and maintain independen­ce for longer.

Liz Coombs, 74, from Leicester, has wet AMD in her left eye and dry AMD in her right. By the end of 2019, she had received 45 antiVEGF injections to treat her wet AMD, which she credits as limiting the deteriorat­ion in her vision.

The See What’s Next website has details of treatments and practical tips for sufferers.

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