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Village homes scheme refused a second time


- By NICK DAWSON nicholas.dawson@reachplc.com

CONTROVERS­IAL plans for 200 homes in a village have again been refused by councillor­s.

Residents of Queniborou­gh were frustrated when a slightly scaled down proposal emerged to build on a 10.2-hectare area of fields off Melton Road, after a previous proposal for 220 homes was refused in November 2018.

Several objections were sent in to Charnwood Borough Council about the fresh scheme from Hallam Land Management, with neighbours citing concerns about how the new homes would impact on village services and traffic levels.

One resident of New Zealand Lane said: “The main road is already a death trap and the amount of traffic and entrances onto it is already surpassing its quota.

“Our local schools and doctors surgery are pushed to capacity and we have already had excessive developmen­t in Queniborou­gh.

“Residents are fed up over being overruled in decisions made for their villages. There is no need for more housing in Queniborou­gh.”

Councillor­s voted to refuse the applicatio­n as it would significan­tly harm the area of separation between Queniborou­gh and East Goscote, with several councillor­s raising concerns that the village’s roads and local services already struggle to cope.

A planning statement filed with the applicatio­n said: “As with all new residentia­l developmen­t, the proposals will result in an increase in population and will therefore have some impact upon local infrastruc­ture.

“Not all impacts will be negative (for example increased footfall and revenue for local shops).”

One villager said previously that he was “absolutely disgusted” that the applicatio­n was being considered again.

He said: “The traffic going through the village has increased two fold and the crossroads in the village is ever increasing­ly dangerous with numerous accidents.”

 ?? GOOGLE ?? SITE: Fields off Melton Road, in Queniborou­gh
GOOGLE SITE: Fields off Melton Road, in Queniborou­gh

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