Leicester Mercury

£15 to keep account? I wouldn’t bank on that!


HAVING banked with my chosen bank for the past 50 years, I find they can no longer afford the expense for the perks that went with my current account, namely AA membership and overseas travel insurance.

Also, they have chosen to charge £15 per month for keeping my account open, an account they obvlously wish me to transfer.

I have just received my state pension increase and that would go straight into the pocket of my bank. Where is the justice in that?

I have always respected my bank for the years of service they have given me, but when they want to charge me £15 for the privilege of having an account with them, then it’s time for a change.

I also have to smile when I read things like “contact your local branch”, when there are now only two open in the whole of Leicester and they close for lunch when they are most needed.

What do they call local? Fortunatel­y I’m able to use the internet but, what about those that cannot?

Pete Pollard, Aylestone

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