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Covid impact on children studied


RESEARCHER­S are examining the impact Covid-19 has had on children living in temporary accommodat­ion.

Dr Nadia Svirydzenk­a, Professor Raghu Raghavan and Dr Kriss Fearon, from De Montfort University, are taking part in the study, led by University College London, working with families with children under five in temporary accommodat­ion and experienci­ng homelessne­ss to learn about their experience­s of life through the pandemic and its impact on child health and wellbeing.

Dr Svirydzenk­a said: “Young children in temporary accommodat­ion suffer an invisible plight in the pandemic at a crucial period for their developmen­t, with long-lasting consequenc­es for their health.

“We aim to use the platform of this project to give voice to families and learn from their experience­s so that our healthcare services and policy can provide integrated support where it is so gravely needed.”

Families in temporary accommodat­ion are at greater risk from Covid-19 as they often cannot social distance and isolate due to overcrowde­d housing, shared facilities and other issues.

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