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Now is the time to think ahead by planting summer-flowering bulbs such as lilies, which are on sale in nurseries and garden centres in brightly coloured packets.

Buy plump, fleshy bulbs (lilies have scaly bulbs rather than the smoother bulbs of daffodils and tulips) and plant them at the rate of five or six to a 10in or 12in pot in peat–free multipurpo­se compost.

Set them about three inches deep, water them in and stand them by the house wall to offer them some shelter. Soon the fat shoots will emerge and in summer they will be topped with trumpet flowers of brilliant colour and sweet fragrance.

Taller varieties will need some support, but you can provide them with that later on in the season, timing it so that the supports are in place before they are needed.

 ??  ?? Lilies give you brilliant colour and fragrance
Lilies give you brilliant colour and fragrance

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