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One of Harvey’s dealers, Ned, turns up at Leanne’s flat, and she’s horrified to learn he plans to use it to bag up his latest delivery of drugs.

She spills the beans to DC Costello, and later, Harvey is arrested – but he’s figured out that somebody must have shopped him to the police.

Eventually Leanne admits it was her. She also decides that she and Simon should leave Weatherfie­ld for good, because it’s the only way to guarantee their safety.

Nick learns what’s been going on from Toyah and begs Leanne to stay, convinced they can work everything out together.

Leanne, however, is determined to move on, leaving him with a dilemma – should he go with the woman he loves, or stick around for Sam’s sake? Elsewhere, Tyrone admits he’s in love with Alina, making Fiz realise that their relationsh­ip is over. Also, Peter learns that he needs a kidney transplant, Todd plays matchmaker for Eileen and George, and internet trolls continue to make Cathy’s life a misery.

 ??  ?? Fiz and Tyrone appear to be over
Fiz and Tyrone appear to be over
 ??  ?? Simon and Leanne
Simon and Leanne

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