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The police have some questions about the events of last week – and as the truth starts to emerge, it creates even more upset. There’s also a funeral in the offing, which is causing trouble for Charles as he deals with some unusual arrangemen­ts.

Meanwhile, Bob confides in Dan that he has yet to consummate his relationsh­ip with Wendy. His mate encourages him to make his move, but sadly an evening of listening to opera and eating oysters by candleligh­t doesn’t prove all that seductive and Wendy makes her excuses.

However, Bob notices that Wendy seems very relaxed around Dan, and he starts to get jealous...

He’s not the only one

falling prey to the green-eyed monster, Manpreet is upset to see Charles and Andrea on a date. Charity convinces Noah to give her another chance, but he and Ryan point out that Sarah is going to be harder to win over and their mum will need to show her she really is dependable. Meanwhile, Tracy feels like Faith is taking over, and Gabby is concerned for Kim.

 ??  ?? Charity gets another chance with Noah
Charity gets another chance with Noah
 ??  ?? Jealous guy: Bob
Jealous guy: Bob

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