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ARIES March 21–April 20

You’re trying to deal with too many things at once and this isn’t getting you anywhere. You will do better to take one thing at a time, complete the job and then start on another. Prepare for mood changes throughout the day. You will be happier if you don’t travel too far from familiar surroundin­gs.

TAURUS April 21-May 21

You and a partner may not see eye to eye over your financial situation, but there are plenty of other things you do agree about. If you are able to push any money matters aside and try to focus on your true feelings, you will realise there’s a lot you have to be happy about together.

GEMINI May 22-June 21

You have an important day ahead. A big decision must be made and you will feel nervous about this. Until you have made a choice you will be going over plans in your head to make sure nothing can go wrong. After all the thought you are putting into it, trust yourself to make good choices.

CANCER June 22-July 23

You might warn a loved one that you have the worrying feeling a new friend or neighbour is not to be trusted. You’re being diplomatic and if your loved one refuses to heed your advice then there’s not really much else you can do about that. Just be sure to look after your own interests.

LEO July 24-Aug 23

You don’t have a minute to yourself. Friends, neighbours and colleagues will be contacting you for advice. Being in such high demand, this will call for you some personal sacrifices. A loved one’s negativity is getting you down but you won’t let them stop you doing what you feel you must do.

VIRGO Aug 24-Sept 23

A new colleague isn’t finding the work they have been allocated as easy as they expected. Until they get the training they need, their responsibi­lities will be delegated to others with more experience. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to take over some of their commitment­s.

LIBRA Sept 24–Oct 23

In profession­al and financial matters it won’t be plain sailing all the way, and you aren’t expecting this. You are well prepared for possible problems and you will deal with these efficientl­y. Once you have overcome initial hurdles, the rest of the day should turn out to be a breeze.

SCORPIO Oct 24-Nov22

A business investment that looks promising could quickly become a financial drain. Don’t commit until you have had more time to consider the pros and cons. Protecting your personal informatio­n online should be a high priority. Create passwords difficult for anyone to crack.

SAGITTARIU­S Nov 23-Dec 21

A friend or relative will run into a spot of bother and will ask for help. You did have other plans but you can understand their dilemma and you will do your best to be there for them. It could turn out there isn’t a lot you can do but your moral support will help keep their spirits up.

CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 20

Change won’t come easily even though you sense that what is happening is very special. For this reason you will remain positive and go with the flow. Someone will ask you to keep quiet about some plans they are making until they are more certain about what they want to do.

AQUARIUS Jan 21-Feb 19

Surroundin­g yourself with like-minded friends will be both comforting and empowering. Your self-confidence grows when you’re with people who share your views and values. Avoid anyone who mocks you over your interests. If you find yourself in front of a rival, keep your thoughts to yourself.

PISCES Feb 20-Mar 20

It is becoming increasing­ly important to you that you discuss plans with your partner. There is something you feel is vital to your happiness. It needs to be brought out into the open. Wait until your other half is ready for such a discussion or you could be disappoint­ed with their reaction.

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