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Sports master would be better at pitching in


THE fines given out to the Super Six football teams are peanuts – Man City team spend - £850 million, Man United, £750 million, and the rest I have forgotten the amounts.

It would be better if they deducted points from them for this season so they could not get into the Champions League or even the Europa league.

Also, after the problems they had when this was announced I had to smile when Pep Guardiola of Man City said on TV that it would spoil the sport if it went ahead.

I am sure frequent letter writer Mike Ross would be able to pick a top of the table team if he had £850 million to spend on a team and we could rename him “Pep” Ross.

I am sure Mike would agree that “Jock” Gilman, our old sports master

from school would something to say on the same lines.

Ray Birley, Leicester

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