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YouTube motor sport fan enjoys supercar convoy

- By ASHA PATEL asha.patel@reachplc.com @ashac_patel


A YOUNG motor racing enthusiast who has been shielding during the pandemic has marked a year since starting his “dream” YouTube channel and was surprised to be part of a supercar convoy.

Shivam Nathwani suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a severe muscle-wasting condition, and is a permanent wheelchair user, as well as needing a breathing machine.

Throughout the pandemic, the 23-year-old’s illness meant he was at higher risk of suffering badly from Covid-19 so he had to shield in his family home in Birstall.

His brother Pritesh Nathwani, 33, told the Mercury: “For my brother, the restrictio­ns that came with the lockdown are just part of his daily life.

“But with shielding, it was different because he really couldn’t go anywhere apart from the garden.”

Since he was diagnosed as a toddler, Shivam has spent much of his life in and out of Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London, and Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Despite being stuck at home, Pritesh said his brother “being the inspiratio­nal and positive person he is”, did not let it affect his mood.

“He’s had his bad days, as we all have but he doesn’t let it get in the way of his goals and dreams,” Pritesh said.

A few weeks before the first national lockdown, Shivam, who has a passion for cars, started his own YouTube channel, The Shivam Review, to share his knowledge of them.

“Like any 23-year-old, he wants to build his social following and be that guy that everybody knows. He wants to reach out to other young people and he wants to show people that anything is possible,” Pritesh said.

During lockdown, Shivam continued to work on his YouTube channel, sharing reviews of cars inspired by other reviewers he regularly watches online.

With the help of his brother, he also set up social media accounts to gain traction and has since been offered support from car dealership­s such as Tom Hartley, in Derbyshire, and Hillmoren, in Markfield, who welcomed Shivam into their showrooms when lockdown eased.

Despite being unable to leave the house, Shivam’s “can-do attitude” kept him going during lockdown and he recently marked a year since starting his YouTube channel.

As well as celebratin­g with his online followers, his brother organised a special surprise for him. Pritesh arranged a supercar convoy to turn up outside his doorstep in Birstall last month.

“The smile on his face was just priceless. It was a once in a lifetime opportunit­y for him,” Pritesh said.

The cars also stopped outside a local park where children from the area had the opportunit­y to see them.

Pritesh hopes the surprise was the boost his younger brother needed to continue working towards becoming a YouTube sensation.

 ??  ?? TRIP: After shielding, Shivam was invited to visit luxury car dealership Tom Hartley
TRIP: After shielding, Shivam was invited to visit luxury car dealership Tom Hartley

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