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General Knowledge Quiz

- James Bolam See Question 6.

1. What was Wagner’s last opera?

A The Ring of the Nibelungs B The Flying Dutchman C Parsifal

D Die Meistersin­ger

2. Of which country is Prague the capital?

A Hungary

B Austria

C Poland

D The Czech Republic

3. In which year did Canada adopt a maple leaf emblem for its flag?

A 1945 B 1985 C 1925 D 1965

4. What was the sequel to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland called?

A Return to Wonderland B More Wonderment C Through the Looking Glass D Alice’s Big Adventure

5. Which Scottish inventor developed the first commercial­ly practical pneumatic tyres?

A Sir Henry Bessemer

B Sir Henry Cambell Bannerman C John Loudon Macadam D John Boyd Dunlop

6. Which TV sitcom of the 1980s starred James Bolam as relegated television executive Nesbitt Gunn?

A New Tricks

B Room at the Bottom C The TV Lark D Executive Stress

7. Which satanic name comes from the Hebrew for ‘Lord of the Flies’?

A Lucifer B Satan C Beelzebub D Diablo

8. What relation of Queen Victoria was Belgium’s Leopold I?

A Father B Cousin C Uncle D Nephew

9. Who wrote the operetta The Merry Widow?

A Gustav Mahler B Franz Lehar

C Sir Hubert Parry D Nigel Osborne

10. In which year was the Mary Celeste found unmanned near the Azores?

A 1792 B 1822 C 1912 D 1872

11. Which actor wrote Snakes and Ladders in 1978?

A Richard Burton B Dirk Bogarde C Kirk Douglas D Henry Fonda

12. What nationalit­y was the painter Raoul Dufy?

A German B Dutch C American D French

13. Which French composer wrote the Symphonie fantastiqu­e?

A Michelle Berlioz B Frank Berlioz C Boris Berlioz D Hector Berlioz

14. Which English king met Francis I of France at the Field of the Cloth of Gold?

A Henry V B George II C Charles I D Henry VIII

15. In which country was thriller writer Ngaio Marsh born?

A New Zealand B Australia C Canada D USA

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