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Unfenced playground is a hazard to youngsters


I HAVE written to the city council to air my serious concerns about an issue that has arisen at the Windmill park, in Humberston­e village.

All of the fencing that surrounds the children’s play area has been removed by park wardens. A section of the fence had recently blown down in strong winds, so rather than repair the damaged section the council has taken the lot out, thus leaving any children using the play equipment open to potential attack from passing dogs.

I myself am a dog owner and I use this park every day. The animals in my care are trained working gun dogs and I consider them to be of no danger to small children – they are trained to a very high standard and will return to me when called.

Sadly, the same cannot be expected of some of the other dogs which use the park.

I know of several animals that I do not let my own come into contact with because I’m wary of their behaviour towards other dogs and have witnessed numerous dog on dog exchanges.

The thought of an untrained dog running into the playground area and small children is frightenin­g. Also the children used to run up to the fence and talk to the dogs from the safety of the fenced-off playground: what is now to stop them from running straight over to a passing dog whilst a parent is not paying attention?

This issue is mirroring the council actions of removing the fence that used to surround the play equipment on Monks Rest park. The result? Dogs off the lead are now free to run into the play area, a disaster waiting to happen and trust me, it will happen. I’m awaiting a response from the city council.

Peter Goose, Leicester.

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