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Liv continues to hit the bottle, even hooking up with a sleazy stranger she meets at the pub – and Aaron’s attempts to intervene just make her angrier.

Chas decides this is too much for her son to cope with on his own and steps in to help by putting Liv under house arrest until she sobers up. The landlady is hopeful that she’s got through to the teen, but has she only managed to make things worse?

Gabby’s behaviour – and new designer wardrobe – is attracting suspicion, as Jamie orders Noah to get hold of her laptop, while Kim is also having doubts.

When Gabby realises she’s been rumbled, she tries to blame it all on her boss’s fuzzy memory, and the tactic seems to be working as a frightened Kim books a dementia test. Meanwhile, someone spikes Kim’s brandy again... Ethan tells his dad he’s going to stop looking for his mum, Vic discovers Ben isn’t over Aaron, and Amy doesn’t get the reaction she hoped for when she tells Matty she loves him.

 ??  ?? Aaron can’t get through to Liv
Aaron can’t get through to Liv
 ??  ?? Kim doubts her memory
Kim doubts her memory

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