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Disappoint­ment in 1974, losing to Liverpool in 1982, losing to Spurs in the semi-finals. The dream was to watch Leicester reach an FA cup Final. That dream has come true, but these boys are no longer on this planet: Tash Kent, Terry Spencer, Paul Tomlin, Dave Lakin, Craig Fletcher,

Roy Fletcher, Wes Fletcher,

Malc Bassett, Ray Taylor, Bob Allsop, Gray Kemp, Steve Hercock, Loz Kilkenny, Liam Dowey, Kelv Finney, Stan Barry, Gray Perkins, Trev Bingley, Trev Jerrison and Johnny Barry.

The real cup runners, I salute you all- street boys and I will always love you. Special mention for Beryl Swain, Marion Puetrill, Biddy Gaughan, Marlene Tasker, Marie Swain and June Evans but most of all the girl I took to the Den to watch Leicester in the FA cup, on a special FA cup train, to watch Millwall beat us in the 80s, my darling wife Carol, who I will love till eternity.

Say hello to my mum and dad.

All raise a glass to the cup runners and Leicester today- the city of our birth.

LOVE YOU ALWAYS Martin Morley, Emperor

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