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Yusuf wins award for his low-cost ventilator


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AN ENGINEERIN­G student has won £5,000 and been named the “one to watch” after designing a low-cost ventilator.

Yusuf Bilesanmi, who studies at Loughborou­gh University, has won the Africa Prize for Engineerin­g Innovation’s One to Watch award for his ShiVent.

The PhD researcher was one of 12 innovators who pitched their ideas to a live online audience who voted for the design which showed the most promise and potential for impact.

He received a £5,000 prize from the Royal Academy of Engineerin­g which organises the competitio­n.

The non-electric ShiVent system was created to allow non-specialise­d workers to treat patients with coronaviru­s.

The team - Yusuf Bilesanmi, Ricardo Nascimento, Dr Yusuf Shittu, Gaurav Nanajkar and Pawel Nycz - designed the ventilator with four key features:

Simple to use – by the average health workers and takes only 30 minutes of training;

Low-cost – can be produced at a very small fraction of the price of the average ventilator;

Non-electric – making it suitable for hospitals with unreliable power;

Oxygen-efficient – requiring almost as little as a third of the average oxygen consumptio­n of High Flow Oxygen systems.

ShiVent has been tested at Loughborou­gh’s

National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine (NCSEM) and Leicester Royal Infirmary.

It has also had a preliminar­y clinical functional­ity test at Glenfield

Hospital. Speaking about the award, Yusuf said: “I was dumbfounde­d and super elated. I couldn’t believe we had won.

“It makes all the difference in the work we have done, the support we have received from the Loughborou­gh community.”

The system works by connecting hospital patients to an existing oxygen source and blends air with the high-flow oxygen supply.

The patient inhales oxygen to fill up the lungs and then exhales into a water column creating back end pressure that keeps their airway open.

It is based on the principles of bubble continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) - a non-invasive ventilator used for new-born babies developed by Dr Yusuf Shittu, of the Nuffield Hospital in Leicester – a cofounder of the ShiVent system.

The other co-founders are Gaurav Nanajkar, Pawel Nycz and Ricardo Nascimento – all from Loughborou­gh University.

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WINNER: Yusuf Bilesanmi and his ShiVent system

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