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Don’t blame NHS app for the Covid chaos


TALK of a “pingdemic” is sloppy journalism. We find ourselves in a pandemic. End of. The app simply identifies infection where it exists.

The app does not cause infection or contagion, it simply measures the extent of it.

The rates of infection have risen because Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his bunch of mendacious chancers opened the borders unnecessar­ily, not least to balance the negative impacts of their disastrous Brexit.

Infection rates rose because the government has mishandled the crisis throughout. There is no defence to their response whatsoever – from the care homes which they failed to protect, to the experts they ignored for political purposes, to the track and trace debacle – they have failed the country and the people and businesses of Leicester.

The current supply problems of labour, food and materials are as much due to the Tories’ Brexit as they are to do with the pandemic.

The Road Haulage Associatio­n has reported a shortage of 100,000 drivers. This is in part due to EU drivers returning to the countries of their birth, having been demonised here.

Farmers report labour shortages following Brexit which are impacting on food supplies. This has nothing to do with any “pingdemic” and everything to do with the Tories’ catastroph­ic Brexit.

This country’s problems will not be over until some 40 per cent of the electorate wake up and realise that this country is doomed unless we can get rid of this vile and rancid regime.

Dr Andrew Golland, Leicester

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