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Faith in parking system should be a priority


FOLLOWING the article concerning Mr Kanti Lad (“Driver is fined ‘astounding amount over ticket mistake’”, Mercury, September 1), one questions how many more car owners have suffered similar difficult issues with car park machines at other car parks within the city.

Trust and faith in the system should be a high priority for both business operator and car owner.

My preferred option is to use local authority parking provision. However, this is not always possible.

Several times I have experience­d only one working machine at Dover Street. Recently at Watermead Park machines wouldn’t accept card payments.

Having no valid ticket produced, at Watermead I chose not to stay as one wouldn’t trust the council nor any ticket happy parking warden to understand the situation if challenged; when others had the same issue ahead and behind in the queue.

With cash payment machines becoming less accepting at such venues, how often are the machines calibrated for being fit for purpose?

As the country moves out of the pandemic, the city needs its footfall back in the retail, live entertainm­ent and hospitalit­y sector.

Having full transport access to the city centre by whatever means is crucial. Considerin­g the poor reputation Leicester has acquired during the pandemic, bad publicity about car parking facilities is something the city could further do without.

Scott Kennedy-Lount, Aylestone

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