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I’ve had my flu jab – and you should, too


This last year, we have seen how important vaccinatio­n is, but vaccines aren’t just for protection against Covid.

We need to remember that flu is still very much a serious illness, sadly proving critical for some.

I have always encouraged people to get the flu vaccine, but now it is more important than ever.

During the pandemic our natural immunity to the flu decreased, so the jab is key for building up extra protection this winter.

Covid is still here and the risks of being infected with both Covid and the flu are severe.

We can, and should, all take this quick step to protect ourselves, our families and our friends from serious infection.

If you have already had the Covid19 vaccine, it is still safe to have the flu vaccine.

It is also safe to have both the

Covid-19 booster vaccine and the flu vaccine at the same time.

Jon Ashworth MP, Leicester South

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