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Trilogy ends with truth


A COMIC nominated for best show at last year’s festival is back this year with three.

Nathan Cassidy will give punters another chance to see last year’s show, Observatio­nal, plus the follow-up, Bumblebee, and the world premiere of new show, Hot Tub God.

All three are being filmed for specials this year by NextUp Comedy.

In Observatio­nal, Nathan, pictured, joins a gym and a big, strong man changes his life forever.

Bumblebee is a true crime standup show, while in Hot Tub God, Nathan covers the death of the planet, the neglect of our leaders and the shield of blame from ourselves. He said: “The last two years have been hard for most of us so I wanted to produce shows that reflect the times but ultimately are uplifting and hopeful.

“It’s great to be able to perform all three shows at the brilliant Big Difference Venue in Leicester this year, and I am thrilled they are being filmed for specials.

“It feels like the Leicester Comedy Festival is where these three shows were born, with Observatio­nal nominated for best show at the 2020 festival. I love telling this magical true story.

“Then when I found a burglar in my house during the pandemic I couldn’t have imagined the true crime story that was about to unfold and I’d be able to tell in Bumblebee.

“In Hot Tub God, in some ways I tie up a trilogy, by talking about the truth, the state of the world, and whether we want and can handle the truth.

“Hopefully people can get the chance to see all three, I’d love that.”

Observatio­nal is at the High Street venue today, at 6.30pm.

Bumblebee is also today, at 8pm. Tickets for each are £8.

Hot Tub God can be seen on February 20, at 2pm. Tickets £7


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