Shock­ing life ex­pectancy fig­ures for area’s women

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I was dis­gusted to read the story in last week’s Len­nox Her­ald about the life ex­pectancy of our girls.

Women in West Dun­bar­ton­shire will live shorter lives than any other women in Scot­land. What a ter­ri­ble shame. How has it come to this? That the prospects for our baby girls are the worst in Scot­land.

The Len­nox Her­ald rightly asked ‘the pow­ers that be’ what they were do­ing about it.

But I would be ly­ing if I said any­thing in any of the statements pro­vided any re­as­sur­ance to what is a wor­ry­ing state of af­fairs for many lo­cal peo­ple.

The poverty ex­pert cited the so­cial his­tory of this town as a pos­si­ble cause. This is un­der­stand­able.

But that’s ex­actly what it is, his­tory.

There­fore it should come as no sur­prise to the coun­cil and our politi­cians.

There is no new phe­nom­e­non here - just years of ne­glect.

They should, by now, have the an­swers on how to solve this prob­lem.

Given the sit­u­a­tion, is it any won­der the pop­u­la­tion is fall­ing? I don’t blame peo­ple who might chose to move away to raise their fam­i­lies.

But the sta­tus quo is not work­ing for those who have stayed. And this is deeply un­fair. It is time we saw real ac­tion to tackle this poverty shame.

We de­serve bet­ter than this.

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