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What is hap­pen­ing to the English lan­guage?

It was bad enough when we had to mourn the pass­ing of the apos­tro­phe, or its wrong us­age, but things are go­ing from bad to worse.

TH has be­come F or V, the G has fallen off words end­ing in ING and the T or dou­ble T in the mid­dle of a word has mor­phed into a glot­tal stop.

This seems to be fash­ion­able and oc­curs across the board from the il­lit­er­ate to the well ed­u­cated. Teach­ers are guilty of this crime too, so what hope is there for the gen­er­a­tions to come?

When chil­dren are learn­ing English, how do they know the dif­fer­ence be­tween ‘Three’ and ‘Free’ for ex­am­ple, if they both sound the same?

I am 70 and it seems to be hap­pen­ing more and more. It used to de­pend on ac­cents or where a per­son lived and was quite en­dear­ing but it has got out of con­trol and now is ev­ery­where.

My boss and work col­leagues, some of whom are also guilty, are fed up with my com­plain­ing, so I thought I would write to my favourite mag­a­zine to see if I could get some sym­pa­thy from read­ers.

GILL JERMAN South­wold Suf­folk

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