Shop­ping is all a mat­ter of choice

Which su­per­mar­ket do you opt for? Mag­gie Gal­lop, vice chair­man of the Nor­folk Fed­er­a­tion of WI, grabs her shop­ping trol­ley for a tour of the stores.

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Re­cently I’ve been think­ing about su­per­mar­kets, those places we re­luc­tantly visit each week to pur­chase our gro­ceries (if you shop on­line, stop here, right now).

Are they all the same? Ba­si­cally, yes, there is lit­tle dif­fer­ence in what they sell or the prices they charge if you take ev­ery­thing into con­sid­er­a­tion.

Some will have spe­cial of­fers one week, oth­ers some­thing dif­fer­ent the fol­low­ing week. To get the ben­e­fit of all these ‘money off’ schemes, one would have to spend hours and miles trav­el­ling from one to an­other to cash in on their deals.

There used to be a say­ing that Sains­bury’s and Tesco were built to keep the riff-raff out of Waitrose! I’ve shopped in all three and a tin of Heinz soup is a tin of Heinz soup wher­ever you get it from - just be­cause it costs an ex­tra 2p in one, does not make it any less tasty.

Nowa­days there are the ‘new’ su­per­mar­kets, Aldi and Lidl. Ini­tially, I was not im­pressed, they didn’t seem to have named prod­ucts I wanted, only foods I didn’t recog­nise. But more re­cently they seem to be sell­ing the same as the other stores. One dif­fer­ence with these stores is that each week they have new ‘non food’ prod­ucts down the cen­tre of the aisles. They are invit­ing and make you stop and look to see what spe­cial of­fers they have this week, which in turn makes you spend more.(At least our old stores have the de­cency to keep their tempt­ing non gro­ceries away from the es­sen­tials!)

Most of us will use the same store each week; we know where the items are as we pe­ruse the aisles. This is time-sav­ing, as you don’t have to search for your reg­u­lar items ... that is, ex­cept for the times when some clever ‘so-and-so’ de­cides that hav­ing a change around will en­cour­age shop­pers to buy more, be­cause they have to go look­ing for what they are af­ter and there­fore see new and ex­cit­ing ‘stuff’ that they don’t re­ally need but will pur­chase any­way.

I once lost my rag with a poor as­sis­tant, when my su­per­mar­ket did this. I told her that I was go­ing to Asda in­stead - rather stupid, as in Asda I didn’t know where any­thing was ei­ther, plus I spent time and petrol get­ting there.

But think­ing about it, it must work or they wouldn’t spend the ef­fort to do it, would they?

Any­way, very shortly I am off to France with Den­man Col­lege (the WI’s own ed­u­ca­tional col­lege in Ox­ford) and that means we will have to do a spe­cial shop when ‘him in­doors’ will get to pick all the good­ies he likes to eat while I’m away. It usu­ally in­volves a big cake!

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