Test your gen­eral knowl­edge

Let's Talk - - Breakslughere Time 129 -

1 Al­fred Hitchcock’s daugh­ter ap­peared in ‘Psy­cho’. What is her name?

2 Alu­minium is ex­tracted from which ore?

3 Am­rit­sar is a holy city for the fol­low­ers of which re­li­gion?

4 An am­per­sand is a sign for which word?

5 ‘An Un­earthly Child’ was the first episode of which long-run­ning TV se­ries?

6 An­zac troops come from which two coun­tries?

7 Ap­prox­i­mately when did the Big Bang take place?

8 Are sea urchins an­i­mal, veg­etable or min­eral?

9 Around which French town is the cham­pagne in­dus­try cen­tred?

10 Apart from ‘The Flow­er­pot Men’ in which com­edy did Bill and Ben ap­pear?

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