Snakes alive! That’s why the fish are dis­ap­pear­ing

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In a re­cent is­sue of Let’s Talk I was shocked to read that even the snakes we have in the UK are par­tial to a fish sup­per, so will find their way into gar­den ponds and eat the fish.

I had no idea and it came as a shock, more so as I started with just three fish in the pond I cre­ated at my al­lot­ment, re­mov­ing them from a pond I had at home.

One gi­ant gold­fish and two Koi carp. They lived hap­pily to­gether for two years at my al­lot­ment un­til spring when I no­ticed sev­eral lit­tle fish as well as tad­poles. It ap­peared the three had got to­gether and had lots of lit­tle ones.

I man­aged to count about 30 al­though I as­sumed there were about 40 in all. I con­tin­ued to feed them but slowly no­ticed af­ter a few weeks that there did not seem to be so many.

This trend con­tin­ued and I was puz­zled. It was not a heron as the pond is cov­ered with a full net.

Then one morn­ing I no­ticed a snake.

Panic set in but I was able to catch hold of the rep­tile. Af­ter I had cut it free from the net, I let it go. I was shocked to read up on snakes and re­alised it was an ad­der.

Then one morn­ing I was sure some­thing had dam­aged the net again and I saw an­other in­truder, a grass snake.

I started to won­der about the small fish and re­alised they had met their fate in the mouths of snakes or one par­tic­u­lar snake.

I have had my al­lot­ment in Trowse, Nor­wich for three years.

It is to­tal heaven with all the peace and quiet one could ever ask for, do­ing what na­ture in­tended, free from all the things that an­noy us most in l ife.

I would rec­om­mend tak­ing an al­lot­ment to any­one as it has im­proved my well­be­ing. But, if you have fish in a pond, do make sure you safe­guard against snakes as well as birds and cats.

I learned some­thing I never knew be­cause I read Let’s Talk.

BILL KITE Nor­wich Nor­folk

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