So how did you do?

The an­swers to our Nor­folk vs Suf­folk Christ­mas Quiz and Char­lotte Philcox’s Gar­den­ing Quiz Nor­folk vs Suf­folk - the Christ­mas quiz from Mar­garet Breck­nell



1 ( n), 2 ( c), 3 ( q), 4 ( o), 5 ( s), 6 (t), 7 ( i), 8 ( h), 9 ( r), 10 ( l), 11 ( f), 12 ( a), 13 ( p), 14 ( d), 15 ( e), 16 ( m), 17 ( g), 18 ( j), 19 ( k), 20 ( b).

Char­lotte Philcox’s Great Gar­den­ing Quiz

AN­SWERS: 1 a) Monty Don b) Char­lie Dim­mock c) James Wong d) Ge­off Hamil­ton

2 a) Ju­niper b) Cork c) Balsa 3 Nor­wich: The Plan­ta­tion Gar­den

4 a) Lady Gaga: 19 species of ferns carry the name Gaga - there are sev­eral rea­sons for this, in­clud­ing the fact that they are sup­posed to look like one of her stage cos­tumes, and have a dis­tinct DNA se­quence which spells ‘GAGA’. b) Dr Who - no. c) Mr Bean - no. d) ‘Star Wars’ bad­die Darth Vader has a suit­ably dark coloured be­go­nia, Be­go­nia darth­vade­ri­ana, named af­ter him. e) Kate Winslet - no, but she ac­tu­ally has a bee­tle named af­ter her, Agra katewinsle­tae. f) Os­car the Grouch, from TV’s ‘Sesame Street’ has been com­mem­o­rated in the name of an or­chid, Stelis os­car­grouchii. g) Johnny Cash - no, but there was a taran­tula spi­der named af­ter him, Aphonopelma john­ny­cashi. h & j) Ac­tress He­len Mir­ren and co­me­dian Bill Bai­ley both have car­niv­o­rous trop­i­cal plants named af­ter them, Ne­penthes ‘He­len’, and Ne­penthes ‘Bill Bai­ley’. i) Bey­once - no, but she has a species of horse­fly named for her, Scap­tia be­y­on­ceae.

5 It’s called the Carolina Reaper, and mea­sures 1,569,300 Scov­ille Heat Units, which is the mea­sure used to de­scribe the heat of chillis.

6 a) Antarc­tica b) can­ter c) An­tir­rhinum d) ele­phant e) Santa f) mantra g) an­tiper­spi­rant h) Adam Ant i) Can­ter­bury j) Aga­pan­thus k) tri­umphant l) cur­rants m) pants n) antlers o) shanty p) pan­tomime

7 a) sea holly b) med­lar c) rhubarb d) pur­ple sprout­ing e) prim­rose f) bearded iris ( as it’s Christ­mas, if you got ‘iris’, that will do)

8 a) Rasp­berry and black­berry b) Black­cur­rant and goose­berry

9 a) 4) b) 5) c) 3) d) 2) e) 1)

10 b) The Brus­sels sprout got its name af­ter be­com­ing pop­u­lar in the Bel­gian cap­i­tal in the 16th Cen­tury, but is ac­tu­ally thought to come from the area which in­cludes Iran and Afghanistan.

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