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Last seen on tongue-and-groove pan­elling in coun­try-style kitchens, deep grooves are crop­ping up in ur­ban set­tings and the re­sults are just as com­pelling. ref­er­enc­ing the crisp struc­tural lines of con­tem­po­rary crit­tall, the move to­wards grooves works equally well in a ver­ti­cal or hor­i­zon­tal di­rec­tion. Don’t be afraid to fol­low the grooved de­tail across open shelving, light­ing and room di­viders. there’s just one rule: the align­ment be­tween each door, ap­pli­ance, plinth and cor­nice must be pre­cisely mea­sured and per­fectly sym­met­ri­cal. A kitchen de­signer with ocd and a laser ruler is your best friend. oh, and choose dis­creet han­dles that won’t in­ter­rupt your painstak­ingly ac­cu­rate line-up – smallscale is just the ticket for re­tain­ing the sim­plic­ity of those beau­ti­ful grooves.

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