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Chan­nel the spirit of Mex­ico’s iconic painter with dra­matic strokes of vi­brant colour and lush pat­tern

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un­leash your in­ner artist while pay­ing ho­mage to the leg­endary painter us­ing im­mer­sive mo­tifs, plush tex­tures and rich fab­rics

With its art­ful ar­range­ment of fancy fleurs, this high-en­ergy wall­pa­per is an awe­some back­drop for pieces with their own shot of va-va-voom.

WALL Pa­pered in Canopy wall­pa­per in Turquoise, £87 a roll, Chris­tian Lacroix at De­sign­ers Guild. Wall, be­hind the door, painted in An­tibes Green chalk paint, £19.95 for 1L, An­nie Sloan. Pipes painted in Peek-a-boo Blue matt emulsion, £14.50 for 1.25L, Crown. FLOOR painted in Film, Tele­vi­sion and Theatre 018 mar­ble matt emulsion, £44.10 for 2.5L, My­land. FUR­NI­TURE Hen­drik arm­chair, £570,; up­hol­stered in Whim­sey Stripe in Brights 33044.723.0 vis­cose-mix, £105m, Kravet; and Cirque pom-pom fringe in Fiesta TF-58059-24, £56m, Sa­muel & Sons. DE­TAILS Pa­jaki chan­de­lier, £88, Raj Tent Club. Com­bustible Cac­tus cushion, £125, Silken Flavours; and Zigzag stool in Light Blue, £204, Pols Pot­ten, both Amara. Bather sculp­ture, £79, Wil­liam Ye­oward. Hand-painted tin can, from £14.50, Re­found Ob­jects. Jo­joba seed oil, £22, Buly 1803. Flow­ers from New Covent Gar­den Mar­ket.

Where bet­ter for a rad­i­cal vi­sion­ary to ad­mire their iconic re­flec­tion than in this out­ra­geously op­u­lent mir­ror?

WALLS Wall­pa­per, as op­po­site. DE­TAILS Tin Nido mir­ror, £130, Mi­la­gros. Fab­ric, in the re­flec­tion, Sweet Treat in Candy 32882.711.0 linen-mix, £165m, Kravet. Vin­tage Mex­i­can dress, in the re­flec­tion, from a se­lec­tion at 1st Dibs. Shelf painted in Ti­betan Gold gloss, £16 for 750ml, Crown. Zagora can­dle­stick, £15, Raj Tent Club. Pink Made­line ta­per can­dle, €12 for six, Cire Trudon. Toi­letries and combs from a se­lec­tion at Buly 1803. Frida wa­ter­colour by Alice Haskell. Flora Frida head­dress, POA, Kitty Ar­den.

The rus­tic-luxe wall hang­ing sings against a cap­ti­vat­ing cobalt, a nod to the shade that dressed Frida’s beloved La Casa Azul home.

WALLS Painted Peek-a-boo Blue matt emulsion, as be­fore. FUR­NI­TURE Rus­tic Tolix ta­ble, £560, De­sign­ers Guild. DE­TAILS Otomi run­ner, hang­ing on wall, £120, Mi­la­gros. Ce­ramic bou­quet, £295, Noa Weintraub. Zigzag mir­ror, £35, Raj Tent Club. Hand and heart plaque mi­la­gros, £6.50 each; and mi­la­gro frame, £18.50, all Re­found Ob­jects. On the ta­ble, from left: White and Green linen nap­kins, £15 each, The Con­ran Shop; Travel al­tar, on nap­kin, £4.25, Re­found Ob­jects; Folk art 24, £24, Mi­la­gros; orange liqueur, £10 for 20cl, The Con­ran Shop; tea glasses, £50 for six, Pols Pot­ten at Amara; and Inkhead cup and saucer, £75, The New English at Rume.

A flam­boy­ant trib­ute to Mex­i­can iconog­ra­phy and car­ni­val colours, this showy sofa is a fit­ting spot for a meet­ing of minds.

WALLS Painted in Peek-a-boo Blue matt emulsion, as be­fore. Gird­ers painted in Film, Tele­vi­sion and Theatre 018 mar­ble matt emulsion, as be­fore. Door painted in An­tibes Green chalk paint, as be­fore. FUR­NI­TURE Amor sofa, £5,800; and cush­ions, from £75 each, all Corita Rose. DE­TAILS Mex­i­cana wall art, £38 each, Gra­ham and Green. Solvin­den pen­dant lamp, £45, Ikea. Vin­tage Mex­i­can dress, from a se­lec­tion at 1st Dibs. A0 Frida poster, £15.99, ebay. Eu­phor­bia cac­tus, £110; and Golden Ball cac­tus, £60, both Abi­gail Ahern. Mex­i­can bas­ket, £28, Re­found Ob­jects. San Morita cac­tus, £175, Abi­gail Ahern. All other plants from a se­lec­tion at New Covent Gar­den Mar­ket. A se­lec­tion of dec­o­ra­tions, on the wall, all Mi­la­gros. Zigzag mir­ror, as be­fore. Cacti and suc­cu­lents, on the girder in back­ground, from £12 each, all Deben­hams. A se­lec­tion of mi­la­gros, on the roof beam; check plas­tic mats, £24 each, all Re­found Ob­jects. Ber­ber bas­kets, £80 each, Raj Tent Club. Raf­fia,

£1 each, all Re­found Ob­jects. Pom-pom gar­land in Green, £3, ebay. Golden ball cac­tus, £95, Abi­gail Ahern.

The pret­ti­est of pinks and blues com­bine with painterly flour­ish for an ultra-fem­i­nine ex­plo­sion of bu­colic colour.

WALLS Painted in Film, Tele­vi­sion and Theatre 018 and 006 mar­ble matt emulsion, as be­fore. Smink Things tile wall­pa­per, £160 a roll, Rock­ett St Ge­orge. FLOOR Mod En­caus­tic tiles, £90sq m, Man­darin Stone. DE­TAILS Shelf, as be­fore. Cur­tain made in Geronimo Kiowa Klein Z537/04 linen-polyester mix, £119m, Zinc Tex­tiles at Romo. Clip lights, £34 each, Re­found Ob­jects. On the shelf: Mex­ico: A Culi­nary Quest by Hos­sein Amir­sadeghi and Ana Paula Ger­ard, £45; Isa bowls, from £19, Is­abelle de Borch­grave at The Con­ran Shop; vases, from £42 each, So­phie Alda at A New Tribe; bird sculp­ture, £75, Mi­la­gros; bot­tle, £34, Re­found Ob­jects; and Birkin bowl, £35, Habi­tat. Be­low the shelf: raf­fia, £1; tin clip, £7.35 for 12; can­dle discs, £8 each, all Re­found Ob­jects; striped tea towel, £22, Charvet at The Con­ran Shop; Pink niche, £78, Mi­la­gros. Wooden bowl, £79, Re­found Ob­jects. Ka­pada nap­kins, £56 for four, Ch­eskie at Hand­picked by Kate. On the work­top: pitcher, £95, De­sign­ers Guild; Fi­bra bas­kets, from £239 each, Ames at The Con­ran Shop; salad bowl, £30; bowls, £7 each, Habi­tat; glasses, £11 each; bot­tle, £10; sauce pot, £69, all The Con­ran Shop; serv­ing bowl, £10, Habi­tat; Madonna tea towel, £6.50, Re­found Ob­jects; and bas­ket, £100, Raj Tent Club. Bas­kets, as be­fore. Brush, £6, Re­found Ob­jects.

Hits of re­al­ism meet full-on fan­tasy in a to­tally out-there wall­pa­per that cap­tures the artist’s revo­lu­tion­ary spirit.

WALL Cov­ered in Frida’s Gar­den wall­cov­er­ing, £60sq m, Sarah Ar­nett for Mod­ern Love Studio at Tek­tura. FLOOR The Highline #292 rug, £2,550, The Knots. Brock­ley Teal Green rug, £60, Habi­tat. Che­lak rug in Red/ Nat­u­ral, £985 at Oka. School light, £225, Davey Light­ing at Orig­i­nal BTC. FUR­NI­TURE Ta­mara din­ing ta­ble, from £1,937, Raft. Jambi bench, £250; and Jambi gar­den chair, £120, Habi­tat. Orig­i­nals stack­ing chairs, £400 each, Er­col. Aros Mex­i­cana arm­chair, £315, Gra­ham and Green. On the ta­ble, from left to right, salad bowl, £139,

Tse & Tse; wire bot­tle, £99, The Con­ran Shop, Teal glaze crock­ery, from £15, Mervyn Gers at Heal’s; Hippy bowl, £33 for four, Pols Pot­ten at Amara; om­bré nap­kins, £30 for four, Ch­eskie at Hand­picked by Kate; Totem can­dle, £13.85, Areaware at Rume; Hippy bowls, as be­fore; French linen nap­kin, £25, The Con­ran Shop; Birkin bowl, as be­fore. Tis­sage de Luz table­cloth, from £128, Blanc Cerise.

In a mod­ern-day painter’s studio, in­spi­ra­tion springs from na­ture’s lush greens and calm­ing ochres.

WALLS AND CEIL­ING Painted in Ar­les chalk paint, £19.95 for 1L, An­nie Sloan. FUR­NI­TURE Lois chair, £119 for two, Marks & Spencer. Heb­den din­ing ta­ble, from £1,050, Nep­tune; legs painted in Ti­betan Gold gloss, as be­fore. Gar­den arm­chair, £199, Seletti at Amara. DE­TAILS Vin­tage pen­dant, 1st Dibs. Paint­ing on Amate bark pa­per, by Pablo Perez, £120, Mi­la­gros. Vin­tage wall hang­ing, 1st Dibs. Flo­ral mon­key cushion, £195, Made in In­dia at Lib­erty. Tikog mat, £88, Re­found Ob­jects. Pa­pel pi­cado, in front of the win­dow, price on re­quest, Galería Ato­tonilco. Paints, brushes and post­cards, ebay. Blue Taaba bas­ket, £35; Bi­bata bas­ket, £35, both The Con­ran Shop. Re­cy­cled plas­tic ket­tle, £7.50, both Re­found Ob­jects. Magui bas­ket, £25, The Con­ran Shop. Ce­ramic plant pot, £67, De­sign­ers Guild. Ar­les ta­ble lamp, £110, Domei Endo at The Con­ran Shop. Nisha blan­ket, £95, Ch­eskie at Hand­picked by Kate. Zigzag bas­ket, £350, Zen­zulu at The Con­ran Shop.

An ex­u­ber­ant cel­e­bra­tion of Mex­i­can craft, this colour­sat­u­rated sofa would make the per­fect spot to wait for the muse to strike.

WALLS Painted in Ar­les chalk paint, as be­fore. FUR­NI­TURE Deepali Mex­i­can sofa, £1,595, Out There In­te­ri­ors. Rat­tan daybed, £450, Raj Tent Club. DE­TAILS Dam­asco wall mir­ror, £112, Cris­tian Dal Bianco at Cal­la­garis. Flow­ers, as be­fore. Vin­tage Mex­i­can coat, from a se­lec­tion at 1st Dibs. Ezekiel planter, £15 for two, Habi­tat. Aka­sia rug, £365, Gra­ham and Green. Fringed Coco silk cushion in Long Cobalt, £109, Mariska Mei­jers. Bridal hand­ker­chief bowl, £395, Noa Weintraub. Ro­coco cho­co­late, from a se­lec­tion at Lib­erty. Grandma espresso set, £77 for four pieces, Pols Pot­ten at Amara.

An all-out riot of colour and pat­tern pings on both walls and floors, cre­at­ing a deca­dently dar­ing vis­ual feast.

WALLS Cov­ered in Ta­tiana Jumbo wall­cov­er­ing W0078, £321 a roll, Kim Parker for Art Book col­lec­tion at Clarke & Clarke. Pipes painted in Peek-a-boo Blue matt emulsion, as be­fore. Wall, through the doors, painted in An­tibes Green chalk paint, as be­fore. CEIL­ING Painted in Film Tele­vi­sion and Theatre 018 mar­ble emulsion, as be­fore. FLOOR Mod En­caus­tic tiles, as be­fore. FUR­NI­TURE Moreau cab­i­net, £5,820, Ju­lian Chich­ester. Sunny chair in Green, £780, Tord Boon­tje at Moroso. DE­TAILS On the cab­i­net, from left: Toulouse serv­ing bowl, £250, Lab­o­ra­to­rio Castello at The Con­ran Shop; Golden ball cac­tus; and San Morita cac­tus, both as be­fore; Eve Pa­paya pot, £15, The Con­ran Shop; se­lec­tion of cacti, from £8, Deben­hams; Legume Re­lief vase, £250, Jonathan Adler; Ouarza­zate bas­ket, as be­fore; and Bird lamp with raf­fia shade, £595, Wil­liam Ye­oward. Louis Vuit­ton Guide to Mex­ico City, £26; Sa­bor by Nieves Bar­ragán Mo­ha­cho, £25, both The Con­ran Shop.

More re­ally is more as a chic beaded cab­i­net forges a breath­tak­ing bond with punchy prints.

WALLS Wall­cov­er­ing and pipes, as op­po­site. FLOOR Carn­aby dec­o­ra­tive ce­ramic tiles in Sun­set and Teal, both £46.80sq m, Man­darin Stone. FUR­NI­TURE Gjora dou­ble bed frame in Birch, from £199, Ikea. St Ger­main cab­i­net, £1,899, Jonathan Adler. Green and black Jambi gar­den bench, as be­fore. DE­TAILS Flow­ers, as be­fore. Ezekial planters, as be­fore. Bataille de Fleurs – Bougainvil­lier FCL048/01 100% cot­ton, vis­cose em­broi­dery, hang­ing over the bed frame, £189m, Chris­tian Lacroix at De­sign­ers Guild. Rêve De Lin du­vet cover set in Brick, from £210 for a dou­ble, Blanc Cerise. Olivia frill cushion in Acid Yel­low, £60, Rock­ett St Ge­orge. Fringed Coco silk cushion in Rasp­berry ikat, £109, Mariska Mei­jers. Vin­tage Mex­i­can dress, from a se­lec­tion at 1st Dibs. Palm Beach trop­i­cal green cushion, from £129, Mariska Mei­jers. Cushion up­hol­stered in Jes­sica Sun­beam cot­ton-linen mix, £42m, Blend­worth.

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