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How did your part­ner­ship with po­rada come about? we’ ve been big fans of the brand’ s crafts­man ship for years, so when we had as candi project that needed ital­ian flair, it made

per­fect sense. i’ ve al­ways been im­pressed by how, even with the scale of their pro­duc­tion, their work­shop never feels like afac­tory.ik new they would do it well and they did not dis­ap­point. tell us about the main in­spi­ra­tions for the capsule col­lec­tion? it started life in my head as‘ the ar­ti­san col­lec­tion ’– a se­ries of hard-work­ing, ev­ery­day staples that would be el­e­gantly ex­pressed by po rad a. once i’ d for­mu­lated the‘ red thread ’–

that these pieces would be true to craft tra­di­tions, fit for the

de­mands of daily life and be beau­ti­ful enough to trea­sure as heir­loom­pieces–is­tart­edto think about the iden­tity that would en­cap­su­late the var­i­ous form si could see emerg­ing. where did the ‘red thread’ prin­ci­ple come from? it’ s a scan­di­na­vian ex­pres­sion used in all cre­ative works to high­light, trace or ex­tract the nar­ra­tive of a de­sign. you could think of it as the uniqu ed na or pur­pose of a de­sign. this means in­ter­ro­gat­ing the ar­chi­tec­ture, client and ver­nac­u­lar ma­te­ri­als and ar­riv­ing at a de­sign lan­guage that we will use through­out the project.i use the‘ red thread’ to make sure th a ti am only telling one clear story. and the name of the col­lec­tion, ar­chi­pel­ago? the ti­tle of the col­lec­tion comes from the groups of is­lands that makeup the ar­chi­pel­ago wherei was born and raised. just as they are wrapped by rock and sur­rounded by sea,iw as drawn to the idea of en­cas­ing and pro­tect­ing a pre­cious, in­dus­tri­ous ma­te­rial in an en­fold­ing,hand-worked­wrap­per. did you bring cer­tain scan­di­na­vian aes­thet­ics to the project? not only ami as wede,bu ti was also a stu­dent of engineering once. soi have a fairly prag­matic ap­proach. my mantra is ,‘ be prac­ti­cal or why bother .’ the aes­thet­ics boil down to sim­ple lines, dec­o­ra­tive el­e­ments that are ei­ther part of the struc­ture or the func­tion, and the beauty of nat­u­ral or raw ma­te­ri­als.

ital­ian heavy­weight po­rada turns 70 this year and is mark­ing the mile­stone with a swish capsule col­lec­tion of solid ash ta­bles, de­signed by swe­den­raised, brit stal­wart staffan toll­gard. He tells us more about the ar­chi­pel­ago range…

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