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Large ex­panses of glass are a sure­fire way to make an ex­ten­sion feel lighter and more open. In­vis­i­ble frames are use­ful if you want to cre­ate a seam­less link be­tween the in­te­rior and ex­te­rior, or make a sky­light feel less ob­tru­sive over­head. tim­ber- or me­tal-framed doors and win­dows will give a more ar­chi­tec­tural look, but there’s no rea­son to re­strict your­self to plain colours: bright fin­ishes are in­stantly up­lift­ing, even if the rest of the in­te­rior is kept sim­ple.

Project de­tails

Slid­ing doors are a fa­mil­iar fea­ture on ex­ten­sions, but in this ground-floor flat, they’re a de­sign el­e­ment too, mak­ing the space feel brighter. Paul Archer De­sign com­ple­mented the white Co­rian cladding and in­te­rior with vivid yel­low pow­der-coated door frames – a colour cue taken from a bike bag. The Rey­naers doors were sup­plied by Grabex Win­dows. This project cost £100,000.

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