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Glow in the dark


Interior designer Susie Atkinson was in Copenhagen when she stumbled across these Scandi candles. Made from a mould designed in the 1950s by Jens Andreas Dahl Hansen, known for his sculptural way with wax, they stand tall at 34cm. ‘They’re fabulous and so different,’ Susie says. ‘I looked into the supplier as soon as I got home.’ The flared base eliminates the need for a candlehold­er and the candles burn without dripping, making them ideal for festive tables. Susie adds, ‘Because they’re handmade, each one is different which creates an organic feel.’ Made from 100% sustainabl­e oil with a dash of honey, the candles have a sweet smell, burn for around 36 hours and come in a moody palette of wintery tones. ‘The black has the feel of onyx, while the cream has a lovely lustre when lit.’ £25 each (susieatkin­

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