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Arctic Bath, Sweden


If you crossed a Bond villain’s lair with the wildest fantasies of an eco-hotelier, the result would probably end up looking a bit like Arctic Bath. This spectacula­r spa hotel occupies a spot both on the water and banks of Sweden’s Lule River. The feel is gloriously remote; as far as the eye can see, pine trees litter the landscape and the area is often used by Sámi to graze reindeer during winter, when heavy snowfall colours the scenery paper white. The minimal Scandi suites are in striking modernist cabins nestled among the evergreens, but the resort’s crown jewel is its miraculous­ly floating, ring-shaped spa. The wellness philosophy revolves around cold therapy and includes woodpellet saunas and a plunge pool of pure, ice-cold river water.


Experience the wondrous Northern Lights, often glimpsed here due to the area’s natural darkness.

Explore the small nearby village of Harads, which is also home to the internatio­nally renowned Treehotel complex.

Book it Double rooms from £400 a night (

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