Does God re­ally care for us?

David Jones on the faith­ful­ness of God in sus­tain­ing all that is and all that will be

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IT’S the time of year when the ‘nip’ of win­ter is in the air and with the fall­ing leaves and the short­en­ing days we are re­minded that sum­mer is well and truly over for an­other year.

Be­fore too long the clocks will be turned back and win­ter re­ally will be­gin.

A sun­set which I saw on the coastal park as I walked the dog re­cently was breath­tak­ing in its beauty.

That some jog­gers were still brav­ing the cold in their shorts and vests while oth­ers were well wrapped up added to the tran­si­tion be­tween the last days of sum­mer and the win­ter that is soon to come.

Some lovely sunny days in re­cent days gave the im­pres­sion of the height of sum­mer, but tem­per­a­tures are drop­ping and au­tumn is in the air.

The unique­ness of the chang­ing sea­sons de­clare to us that this world is never on hold.

This adds to the won­der of creation and the amaz­ing faith­ful­ness of God in sus­tain­ing all that is and all that will be.

It is in the beauty of such an evening, the vast­ness of the skies, the au­tumn glow in the fall­ing leaves and the calm of the sea that we see God’s cre­ative glory.

Then again as far as space ex­plo­ration is con­cerned there have been re­cent pro­nounce­ments of tele­scopic power en­abling sci­en­tists to see even deeper into the vast­ness of our universe and even be­yond with 300 bil­lion stars at the lat­est count and the like­li­hood of many more.

Can we then even com­pre­hend in­fin­ity or even more so the God who Chris­tians be­lieve cre­ated all that there is and ever will be?

The ques­tion we may then ask is – does God re­ally care for us, so small and seemly in­signif­i­cant in the great ex­panse of the universe?

The Psalmist asked that very same ques­tion: ‘What is man that you are mind­ful of him, the son of man that you care for him?’

In­signif­i­cant as we may seem in the vast­ness and mys­tery of the universe and yet Je­sus said that God does care and that be­hind this whole creation is a Fa­ther’s heart of love.

Im­mor­tal, in­vis­i­ble and yet ever near to those who call upon him – the great­est dis­cov­ery of all!

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