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THE OLD MAN & THE GUN (12A) ★★★★★

ROBERT RED­FORD (right) makes his fi­nal screen ap­pear­ance be­fore re­tire­ment in David Low­ery’s gen­tly paced crime caper – a (mostly) true story, which is also an un­abashed valen­tine to the charis­matic lead­ing man.

The film con­cen­trates on events in 1981 when For­rest Tucker (Red­ford) pulls off a se­ries of bank rob­beries, of­ten with age­ing as­so­ci­ates Teddy (Danny Glover) and Waller (Tom Waits).

“He had a gun... and also, he was sort of a gentle­man,” one Dal­las bank em­ployee con­fesses to po­lice af­ter For­rest ca­su­ally ‘with­draws’ a large amount of bills from tell­ers’ draw­ers.

Dur­ing the get­away from one hold-up, For­rest evades po­lice by stop­ping to help a stranded mo­torist called Jewel (Sissy Spacek). Sparks of at­trac­tion fly over a cup of cof­fee.

Mean­while, Texas de­tec­tive John Hunt (Casey Af­fleck) be­comes fas­ci­nated by For­rest’s far from il­lus­tri­ous ca­reer on the wrong side of the law.


AU­DA­CIOUS, wildly in­ven­tive and fre­quently up­roar­i­ous satire about work­place cul­ture, black ex­ploita­tion and ram­pant cap­i­tal­ism from Chicago-born rap­per Boots Ri­ley.

Cas­sius Green (Lakeith Stan­field, above), known to friends as Cash, lives in the garage of his un­cle with ac­tivist girl­friend Detroit (Tessa Thomp­son).

Four months be­hind on the rent, Cash must find al­ter­na­tive ac­com­mo­da­tion un­less he can raise the bal­ance within two weeks.

He hopes a job as a tele­mar­keter will an­swer his prayers, but Cash’s ten­ta­tive first ef­forts to en­gage cus­tomers are fail­ures. That’s un­til an ex­pe­ri­enced co-worker (Danny Glover) im­parts sage words.

“You want to make some money here, read the script with your white voice,” he whis­pers.

Sure enough, when Cash (now voiced by David Cross) erases all traces of Oak­land from his pat­ter, he se­cures his first sale... then an­other.

MOR­TAL EN­GINES (12A) ★★★★★

ADAPTED from the novel of the same ti­tle by Philip Reeve, this ac­tion ad­ven­ture sees de­scen­dents of those who sur­vived the cat­a­clysmic Sixty

Minute War hud­dle on mo­bile me­trop­o­lises fash­ioned from scav­enged parts that “in­gest” the re­sources of ri­val cities to feed roar­ing fur­naces.

The largest of these be­he­moths is Lon­don, com­manded by Mayor Mag­nus Crome (Pa­trick Malahide) with guid­ance from noted aca­demic Thad­deus Valen­tine (Hugo Weav­ing).

Masked as­sas­sin Hester Shaw (Hera Hil­mar) tries to as­sas­si­nate Valen­tine but ap­pren­tice his­to­rian Tom Natswor­thy (Robert Shee­han) in­ter­venes and dur­ing the sub­se­quent chase, he tum­bles off a gang­way and re­gains con­scious­ness next to Hester in the wilder­ness.

The fugi­tives must work to­gether as they en­counter pi­lot Anna Fang (Ji­hae) and half-hu­man, half-ma­chine war­rior Shrike (Stephen Lang).

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