Peace in hand­ing over anger

David Jones on how sit­u­a­tions arise when we feel alone as life hands us a raw deal

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WHERE do we go from here? Mon­day’s in­dica­tive votes in Par­lia­ment re­sult­ing again with no ma­jor­ity to solve the Brexit cri­sis has left us as the gen­eral pub­lic per­plexed and deeply con­cerned to say the least.

It seems a long time since we were told that should there be a ma­jor­ity to leave the EU a ‘smooth’ exit would fol­low. As far as I re­mem­ber there were no dis­cus­sions be­fore or im­me­di­ately af­ter the de­ci­sion to leave re­gard­ing the com­plex­i­ties of an exit strat­egy.

There’s no doubt we were mis­led by some of the claims both sides made dur­ing the ref­er­en­dum cam­paign and one of the reasons so many are dis­ap­pointed and even dis­il­lu­sioned by the whole po­lit­i­cal process.

Two years later here we are, par­lia­ment po­larised with in­de­ci­sion, MPs from the two ma­jor par­ties de­fect­ing and who knows what’s go­ing to hap­pen in these few days be­fore we fall over the precipice into a ‘no deal’ sit­u­a­tion.

Now, so we are told, it is very likely through the in­abil­ity of our elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives to find some com­mon ground. How­ever, one of the pro­pos­als voted on was for a sec­ond ref­er­en­dum and that vote was sur­pris­ingly close.

A sec­ond ref­er­en­dum may well be the way to set­tle Brexit once and for all, then again how would it be pos­si­ble to rec­on­cile both sides of the ar­gu­ment if there were nar­row mar­gins as there were in 2016? Are we then up for a gen­eral elec­tion? Or will it be a case of – as Brenda from Bris­tol re­acted last time – ‘Not an­other one!’

In one of her books Cather­ine Mar­shall wrote of what she called the ‘prayer of re­lin­quish­ment’. There were times in her life, as there are with us all, when she felt frus­trated, per­plexed and an­gry.

It was then she sim­ply handed all her anger and frustratio­ns over to God and in do­ing so found a sense of peace she never thought pos­si­ble. Sit­u­a­tions may arise when we feel alone, even up against the wall, es­pe­cially when life hands us a raw deal.

How then do we find the strength to go on? The prayer of re­lin­quish­ment is just that.

Trust­ing God, who the Bi­ble says knows our thoughts and needs even be­fore we bring them to him, and who has promised to be with us in all the chang­ing scenes of our lives.

That’s the as­sur­ance we will know when we too pray the prayer of re­lin­quish­ment be­cause when you or I can’t – God can!

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