In­door at­trac­tions are great – on sunny days when there’s no one else around


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THE twins seemed happy with the sur­round­ings of the liv­ing room. They were laugh­ing, climb­ing, play­ing and fight­ing over any­thing the other one had.

The prob­lem was they hadn’t left the house for 36 hours due to rain, wind and parental aver­sion to has­sle.

The ten­sion was build­ing, and the need to ‘do some­thing with them’ was not go­ing away, so we de­cided to visit an in­door at­trac­tion.

Af­ter driv­ing through apoc­a­lyp­tic weather, we ar­rived at the desti­na­tion to dis­cover some­thing was up.

We had to park on the emer­gency over­flow sur­rounded by dis­carded trol­lies, cracked tar­mac and miles from the ac­tual en­trance.

De­spite the con­di­tions, we made it to the en­trance and the first thing I no­ticed were all the peo­ple. ‘Let the fun be­gin’, I thought to my­self as I gazed across the crowd of chil­dren, bug­gies, ba­bies and par­ents.

At least we were out of the cold and wet, but, as a re­sult of the com­bined body heat of thou­sands, the gen­eral en­vi­ron­ment was akin to a sauna.

The heat and the crowds were not mak­ing it any eas­ier for Vic­to­ria to ma­noeu­vre the heavy twin-laden dou­ble buggy.

In the end, I was forced to help, and our day out was al­most ap­proach­ing fun un­til we had to break for snack time.

The plan was I’d pick up two cups of tea from the café and Vic­to­ria would feed the twins.

Af­ter queu­ing for an in­or­di­nate length of time, I got my two over­priced teas, and re­turned to our meet­ing point. Vic­to­ria and the twins had gone.

Sud­denly, I saw them by the gents’ toi­lets talk­ing to a stranger by the door.

Due to my longer than an­tic­i­pated mis­sion, Vic­to­ria had

nat­u­rally as­sumed I’d locked my­self in the toi­let, col­lapsed in a cu­bi­cle or fallen asleep.

She’d been out­side the toi­lets and was in the process of ask­ing a man to look for me.

The heat and crowds were get­ting to both of us so we de­cided to re­lax for five minutes over a cup of tea in a café best de­scribed as rau­cous, while Emma and Thomas screamed to be re­leased from the cap­tiv­ity of their buggy.

Un­de­terred, we bravely strug­gled on in our search for fun un­til a brief ar­gu­ment with a fam­ily I felt were push­ing into a queue for the only lift in the build­ing.

Af­ter they an­grily walked off, Vic­to­ria and I felt the day had reached its nat­u­ral con­clu­sion, so we de­cided to head home and leave the crowds be­hind.

The only con­clu­sion to draw is we’re wait­ing for the sunny days of sum­mer be­fore we con­tem­plate at­tend­ing any kind of in­door at­trac­tion with the twins.

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