I’m one of those an­noy­ing, night­mare women, who re­ally does love life ...

Gaby Roslin is back with more cash-sav­ing tips and tricks as she re­turns to the helm of Shop Smart, Save Money. The 54-year-old tells GEMMA DUNN what view­ers can ex­pect to see this se­ries, as well as talk­ing fash­ion, In­sta­gram and her dream job

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Shop Smart, Save Money is back for a third se­ries. What do you make of the show’s suc­cess?

I’M HOP­ING it’s be­cause it’s very up-to-the-minute. I hate the ex­pres­sion ‘it’s ex­actly what it says it is’, but we are a show that tells you as it is.

It’s a very hon­est way of look­ing at (the sub­ject); we’re not damn­ing any­body, it’s not a bru­tal tear-up of any com­pa­nies, it’s just what the fan­tas­tic team at Shop Smart have found and we’re pre­sent­ing it.

How have you found the view­ers’ re­ac­tion?

IT’S lovely that peo­ple have taken it to their hearts.

I can’t quite be­lieve on my so­cial me­dia that peo­ple are say­ing, ‘When is it com­ing back?’ Be­cause you do some­thing like that and then you wait to hear about the rat­ings for the first se­ries.

This is no unique, new, in­cred­i­ble tele­vi­sion-chang­ing show, but I think peo­ple want hon­esty. And I hope we’re do­ing it in a nice, smi­ley way.

Every­body knows me and, af­ter 32 years of be­ing in this busi­ness, I’m very hon­est, but I’m also very pos­i­tive and I en­joy life, so hope­fully that comes across too.

What will be go­ing un­der the Shop Smart mi­cro­scope this sea­son? WELL, it’s on the build-up to sum­mer, but we’re go­ing to be look­ing at – un­sur­pris­ingly – Easter eggs, as well, for the first one.

The ones that of­fer the most value for money: how much chocolate you get for your money, as op­posed to pack­ag­ing and the ex­tra bits in­side and all of that.

We’re also do­ing a home im­prove­ment spe­cial; a spring clean­ing one; one for book­ing your hol­i­days and car park­ing at the air­port, and we’ll also look at sun­screens, too, to­wards the end of this run.

You’ll be joined by co-pre­sen­ter Alexis Con­ran again, as well as Deal De­tec­tive Andy... IT’S great to be work­ing with Alexis again. We gen­uinely get on very well and have a gig­gle when we’re mak­ing it, so that works, and we both know that we can tease each other, which is re­ally im­por­tant.

And (Deal De­tec­tive) Andy is bril­liant and so easy to un­der­stand.

I get it when he talks about it, so I have made some big changes from Andy – and watch­ing the show.

You also have a pas­sion for fash­ion – with your In­sta­gram cam­paign ‘shop­ping in your wardrobe’ gar­ner­ing much praise. Have you con­sid­ered tak­ing it to the small screen? EVERY jour­nal­ist and every­body in the street says that – that and, ‘Why aren’t you do­ing a live, crazy show?’ And I say, ‘Well that’s what I want to do’. You for­get how im­me­di­ate In­sta­gram is.

Peo­ple just say, ‘Thank you for pos­i­tiv­ity’, but then that’s me.

I am one of those an­noy­ing, night­mare women, who re­ally does love life.

I an­noy my hus­band and my kids by leap­ing out of bed and go­ing, ‘MORN­ING!’ and singing and danc­ing around the house.

There are times when my 17-year-old just goes, ‘Mum!’ and my hus­band goes, ‘Gaby, can you just...’

Have you al­ways been that way? YEAH, but I used to apol­o­gise for a long time. When I first started out in the in­dus­try, I al­ways used to be­have like that and I’d say, ‘Oh, I’m re­ally happy’, and they’d go, ‘Oh, you’re not re­ally this happy’.

Then I’d say, ‘ Yeah, I’m sorry, I am’. And then when Mum died, I re­alised I’m never apol­o­gis­ing about lov­ing life and be­ing happy again, so I don’t any­more. I just do it.

What else are you work­ing on? EVERY Sun­day, I still do my BBC London show, which is now in its sev­enth year.

It’s my dream tele­vi­sion show on the radio – mad­ness and live and fun, with celebs and live mu­sic. And then also Gaby’s Talk­ing Pic­tures (a film quiz on BBC Radio 4) is back.

For me, I still can’t quite be­lieve that I de­vised a show, pro­duced a show and pre­sented a show, and it’s com­ing back for a sec­ond se­ries and ev­ery­one is still buzzing about it. I am lucky.

I love what I do. But I wish I was do­ing more telly. In a magic world – and it’s no se­cret – I’d like to be do­ing a daily, live, fun show.

An Ellen-type show and just have may­hem and mad­ness.

Why do you think it hasn’t hap­pened yet?

I THINK, at the mo­ment, TV con­trollers will say, ‘No, that’s not what view­ers want. They want quiz shows and they want drama’.

I’m go­ing on Chris (Evans’ Vir­gin Radio) show in a cou­ple of weeks and every time I go on Chris’ show, the re­ac­tion we get is hys­ter­i­cal.

Like, ‘When are you two go­ing to do some­thing to­gether?’ I’ve al­ways said, ‘No, we won’t’, but I sup­pose you never say never.

Chris and I are both very pos­i­tive peo­ple, so maybe ev­ery­one would be killed with our pos­i­tiv­ity.

We’d be too much!

■ Shop Smart Save Money re­turns to Chan­nel 5 on Thurs­day at 8pm.

Gaby with Shop Smart, Save Money co-host Alexis Con­ran Gaby Roslin and Chris Evans pictured in 1993 when they worked on The Big Break­fast to­gether Gaby Roslin pictured on the red car­pet

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