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DEATH is sel­dom a fi­nal farewell in the hal­lowed realms in­hab­ited by span­dex-clad su­per­heroes. Su­per­man, Bat­man, Spider-Man and Thor have all re­gen­er­ated on the pages of well-thumbed comics. So gobs should not be smacked if the 22nd film in the Marvel Comics cine­matic uni­verse chooses to res­ur­rect some of the brave souls, who were re­duced to ashes at the end of Avengers: In­fin­ity War when vil­lain Thanos ( Josh Brolin) ex­ter­mi­nated half of all liv­ing or­gan­isms with a snap of his dig­i­tally-ren­dered fin­gers.

“Part of the jour­ney is the end,” posits one fig­ure in Avengers: Endgame, som­brely re­flect­ing on ev­ery­thing they have lost.

Screen­writ­ers Christo­pher Markus and Stephen McFeely con­fi­dently surf the rip­ple ef­fect of Thanos’ rad­i­cal ap­proach to pop­u­la­tion con­trol. The script’s reach oc­ca­sion­ally ex­ceeds its grasp and there’s a

★★★★ ★

dis­ap­point­ing in­evitabil­ity to some of the whirring cogs and gears of a slickly en­gi­neered plot that leans heav­ily on fa­mil­iar sci-fi para­doxes.

How­ever, when plan­ets align and pure emo­tion wells in the ac­tors’ eyes, there’s no deny­ing the pri­mal power of piv­otal scenes of self-sac­ri­fice and re­demp­tion. As one hero says, “Ev­ery­body wants a happy ending but it doesn’t al­ways work that way.”

It’s a full-blooded odyssey of re­demp­tion that bris­tles with bold am­bi­tion and the stu­dio’s trade­mark ir­rev­er­ent hu­mour, like when Black Widow (Scar­lett Jo­hans­son) calmly ac­cepts one pre­pos­ter­ous course.

“I get emails from a rac­coon so noth­ing sounds crazy any­more,” she dead­pans. Thanos has dev­as­tated the third rock from the sun, sound­ing a death knell for bil­lions. Be­fore his demise, Nick Fury (Sa­muel L Jack­son) is­sued a dis­tress call to Cap­tain Marvel (Brie Lar­son) and she ar­rives on Earth to mourn her fallen men­tor.

Her for­mi­da­ble abil­i­ties may tip the bal­ance of power back in favour of grief-stricken sur­vivors in­clud­ing Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Cap­tain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Hulk (Mark Ruf­falo), Hawk­eye (Jeremy Ren­ner), Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) and Ne­bula (Karen Gil­lan).

How­ever, hope and de­spair are in­ex­tri­ca­bly bound to­gether. Where one ven­tures, the other must fol­low.

Mytholo­gies un­ravel and hun­dreds of spe­cial ef­fects artists flex their mus­cles to de­liver a bom­bas­tic feast for the senses.

To in­fin­ity and be­yond: Josh Brolin as Thanos The sur­viv­ing su­per­heroes hope to re­verse the Earth’s for­tunes in Avengers: Endgame

Chris Evans as Cap­tain America

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