We are ‘stew­ards’ of cre­ation

David Jones on help­ing to pre­serve the world for gen­er­a­tions to come

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PLAS­TIC is ev­ery­where! It’s hard to imag­ine that since plas­tic was in­vented much of it still ex­ists as sci­en­tists tell us that it takes about 700 years for full de­com­po­si­tion.

We use around five tril­lion plas­tic bags a year world­wide! The US alone throws away enough plas­tic bot­tles in a week to en­cir­cle the world five times.

Last year China, to whom we ex­port much of our plas­tic waste, an­nounced it is to be far more se­lec­tive in what it will ac­cept of such waste in the fu­ture. Ac­cord­ing to many en­vi­ron­men­tal­ists we are just scratch­ing the sur­face as far as re­cy­cling is con­cerned and some rad­i­cal re-think­ing is needed to­gether with the will to make changes that will make a dif­fer­ence.

The Welsh As­sem­bly took the ini­tia­tive of charg­ing for plas­tic bags and Eng­land soon fol­lowed, see­ing a siz­able re­duc­tion in their use. This was a big step for­ward, but it does raise the ques­tion as to whether we re­ally need all the plas­tic and pack­ag­ing that is caus­ing such pol­lu­tion and dam­age es­pe­cially to ma­rine life.

One of the toys our fiveyear-old grand­son had on his birth­day was so heav­ily pack­aged with hard thick plas­tic that I had to get a hand­saw to re­lease it!

Then again, a pack­age from an on­line re­tailer had so much bub­ble wrap in a card­board box that would eas­ily have held three of the items we or­dered.

I sup­pose it would be seen as over sim­plis­tic to re­call days when milk was de­liv­ered in bot­tles which were then rinsed and put out for col­lec­tion and re­use. Or those Corona pop bot­tles with their dis­tinc­tive tops which were re­turned for use again . . . and again.

My school sum­mer job in a lo­cal brew­ery saw beer and pop bot­tles re­turned and a whole day would be set aside for washing and ster­il­is­ing. I wouldn’t sug­gest for a mo­ment that fish and chips wrapped in news­pa­per was the most hy­gienic form of pack­ag­ing but no-one com­plained – as far as I know!

The Bi­ble speaks of us as be­ing ‘stew­ards’ of cre­ation. Je­sus told a story of three ser­vants en­trusted with sums of money to in­vest while their mas­ter was away. Two in­vested thought­fully and wisely and were well re­warded, the third buried his money in the ground and did noth­ing. That’s not an op­tion as far as the en­vi­ron­ment is con­cerned – God said: “Let there be light”; cre­ation was born and en­trusted to our care.

Let’s en­sure that as good stew­ards we in­vest in ways of pre­serv­ing this won­der­ful world for gen­er­a­tions to come. In the end it’s up to us!

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