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Swinson’s Lib-Dem glass


TO CELEBRATE Internatio­nal Women’s Day today Jo Swinson, pictured, the Lib-Dem deputy leader, has been fighting the good fight. Earlier this week she questioned the party’s frequent social meet-up Lib-Dem Pint.

“I’m not saying women can’t drink pints, but I suspect that if you look at the Venn diagram of people most likely to drink pints it’s not majority women,” she said.

Speaking at a Grassroots Women panel at the

SMF, she told audience members: “And personally, if you’d had Lib-Dem Prosecco, I’d have thought that would be way more inviting.”

The Lib-Dem Pint was launched in the wake of the party’s shattering collapse in the 2015 election. The hashtag LibDemFigh­tback began trending on Twitter in the aftermath of the defeat — and soon eager activists found a way to drown their sorrows while plotting their comeback at the same time.

So if Swinson can get even more glasses clinking, we’re sure the Lib-Dems will drink to that.

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