Feel in­sulted over com­ments about the el­derly

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IN RE­PLY to Mar­i­anne Gil­berts let­ter in your 28th Novem­ber edi­tion where she states that only 37 per cent voted to leave which is a very low per­cent­age of the to­tal elec­torate.

My wife and I have been con­nected with polling du­ties for the past 20 years and I can­not re­mem­ber when the to­tal votes cast ation­ally reached 65 per cent.

She men­tioned that in 2016, 70 per cent of 18 -24- year-olds voted to re­main, while 30 per cent to leave, so 37+30 = 67 does not seem half bad.

How­ever peo­ple over the age of 65, 60 per cent voted to leave and 40 per cent voted to re­main. She goes on to say that 18 - 24 years old are more clever and worldly wise than us zim­mer frame over 65’s.

Now comes the most hor­ri­ble & hurt­ful re­mark I have heard in a long time, she states that the over 65’s will not be around for much longer, so leav­ing the younger peo­ple to fend for them­selves in a much de­prived coun­try.

This is far from the truth, my wife is 78 and I am 80, we have four sons and 15 grand­chil­dren and our main aim in life was to help and as­sist where nec­es­sary the up­bring­ing of all our off­spring and to en­deav­our to leave this coun­try a bet­ter place to live in when we reach the age of 65 as quoted by Ms Gilbert.

She goes on to say that 82 per cent of 18 year olds would vote re­main, it was 70 per cent be­fore, and says the PM should visit the schools and col­leges to put her case, thats if the Snowflake brigade will al­low her to speak in­stead of shout­ing down any- body they do not agree with. She is against a peo­ple’s vote, May I ask Ms Gilbert who votes in gen­eral and other elec­tions, if not the peo­ple.

To fin­ish, may I say that if I had spo­ken in such an in­sult­ing man­ner about eth­nic groups, women, dis­abled etc in the way she did about the el­derly I would find my­self in a lot of bother. Keith Perkins Bar­row-upon-Soar

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