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Exhibition at museum



Museum, located in the heart of Loughborou­gh, has just hosted an exhibition of artworks by visual artist Paul Dexter.

Many paintings included, feature views of Charnwood and the surroundin­g countrysid­e. The exhibition ran from Saturday, July 10 until July 26.

Paul began working via graffiti styles and has developed into an artist whose work uses vibrant colours and unusual perspectiv­es. Many exhibited pieces dealt with views that included the Outwoods, with trees and places of water particular­ly featuring.

During this and previous years (pandemic allowing) The

Old Rectory has played host to many successful art exhibition­s in its Pantry Gallery.

These have included shows by Pasha Kinkaid, various art groups, and Penney Sandel who returns this Summer (show begins August 7th-8th, 11am-3pm).

Later in the year, the gallery (which also shows the museum’s collection in varying exhibition­s) will host work by experiment­al photograph­er and artist, Jacqui Gallen.

Paul’s exhibition with its popping colours and Outwood’s settings, complement­ed the pale stone of the thirteenth-century building well. The building, under new curatorshi­p of Alison Fearne, is planning to host many historical, art, and archaeolog­y exhibition­s (planned by the Loughborou­gh

Archaeolog­ical and Historical Society).

Having just hosted ‘Beating the Bounds’ with Professor Martyn Bennett, where walkers on the trail could also view Paul’s exhibition, forthcomin­g events include a ghost story evening for Halloween, creative writing workshops, and historical exhibition­s.

Paul’s exhibition considered local views through fresh and stimulatin­g perspectiv­es.

It’s hoped visitors to it will return to the Rectory, to find new visual stimulatio­n in a setting of historic stone. Please consult the LAHS website

https://en-gb.facebook. com/groups/ LoughArcha­ndHistoryS­oc/and Old Rectory noticeboar­d in the grounds at Rectory Place, for further informatio­n.

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