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Police issue warning to reservoir swimmers


Police are warning swimmers trespassin­g in a reservoir that they could be sucked into underwater pipes and killed.

Last week, people were seen diving off the tower at Cropston Reservoir into the water, prompting a meeting between police and Severn Trent, which runs the reservoir near Bradgate Park.

In a plea on Facebook, Pc Greg Moore from Leicesters­hire Police urged people to stay out the water because of the unseen danger of the inlet pipes, which are just below the waterline around the tower.

He said: “As inviting as the water looks on a hot day, it is very deep and just below the surface it’s very cold. This can cause a person to suffer from ‘cold water shock’ which can and does kill.

“Even scarier than this, Cropston Reservoir is a working reservoir, meaning water from here is used to supply our taps at our homes.

“There are a number of inlet pipes near to the tower and water goes into these pipes at such speed, power and weight that if a person gets too close to these pipes, they will be sucked into them.

“There isn’t a subtle way to say this – it doesn’t matter how strong a swimmer you may be, if the water flowing into the pipes gets you, you will drown with literally no way of escape. The water may look peaceful and calm on the surface, but it really isn’t.

“Please don’t swim in the reservoir – it is trespassin­g but, most importantl­y, there is a very real possibilit­y of death.

“We don’t want that, you don’t want that and your friends, family and loved ones definitely don’t want that.”

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