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Books for youngsters - but message is serious


Three graphic design students have created books for children that tackle topics including dementia, the importance of accepting people who are different to us and why we should be encouraged to think outside the box.

The books were featured in the Loughborou­gh University School of Design and Creative Arts Degree Show.

Miriam Pritchard’s Bonkerz Questions for Brilliant Kids answers questions such as whether spiders go on holiday or what cats are really thinking.

She said it aims to encourage the imaginatio­ns of children and adults.

“Coming up with the questions was really fun and helped me to push my visual language,” she said.

Ella Tysome tackled dementia in her book Why Granny Forgets.

The book follows Granny as she looks for her house keys, with liftthe-flap features to make it more interactiv­e.

Along the way they find other objects that spark memories for Granny, introducin­g the memory loss that is sometimes associated with dementia.

She has also written a children’s book on anxiety and hopes to send both to publishers.

Adelaide Radbourne also chose to create a children’s book inspired by her family dog Winnie.

She said Are Poodles Made Out of Noodles? follows Pom the Poodle who has different fur to the other dogs.

The story teaches children an important message about accepting people who are different to you but remains light-hearted.

She said: “I hope the book puts a smile on people’s faces, as well as taking away the important message of acceptance.”

 ??  ?? DESIGNS: The books by Ella Tysome, Miriam Pritchard and Adelaide Radbourne
DESIGNS: The books by Ella Tysome, Miriam Pritchard and Adelaide Radbourne
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