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Everyone should enjoy peaceful home life


I was horrified to read in the Echo of the appalling and upsetting ASB events taking place in certain areas of the town.

I am fortunate to live in a quiet culde-sac near the university. There are twenty-four houses but only one HMO which is let to students. At the start of the Academic Year we welcome our student neighbours and have a friendly relationsh­ip with them.

It is the low ratio of HMOs to residents that makes this possible.

In the areas where the ASB occurs local residents are greatly outnumbere­d by students living in HMOs resulting in the streets becoming student enclaves with the needs of residents (including serious students) disregarde­d by many in the “hotspot” areas.

The Human Rights Act supports the principle that “Every person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their home”. I would expect the University who can identify the culprits to discipline them severely. The local police force to charge them with “disturbing the peace” and not dismiss it as “youthful high spirits”

The council should strongly support the residents in their efforts to eradicate this ongoing nightmare.

What are those in authority missing if they are unable to provide a solution?

Concerned Resident

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