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Loughborou­gh students ready to boycott nightclubs over ‘spikings’



STUDENTS in Loughborou­gh are to join others across the UK in a boycott of nightclubs to put pressure on venues to do more to combat the national spate of spiking cases.

The Girls Night In movement began in Edinburgh after a surge in reports of spiking in clubs across Scotland, but will now be taken across the UK.

The boycott in Loughborou­gh is set to take place tomorrow.

Similar action is due to take place in Leicester.

There have been cases in Leicesters­hire recently, including a woman who was injected while attending a club night on the Loughborou­gh University campus.

The county’s three universiti­es have confirmed they are taking action on the issue.

Girls Night In has published an open letter in which it called for a series of safety reforms to be made to the nightclub scene.

An Instagram post by the group said: “We deserve to have fun on our nights out. It’s not fair that our nightclub experience­s are being tainted by the fear, worry and anxiety that we’re going to be drugged.”

Following recent reports of spiking, Leicesters­hire police issued a statement warning of the dangers.

Chief Superinten­dent Shane O’Neill said: “Spiking, where someone adds drugs or alcohol to another person’s drink or injects them without them knowing, is illegal.

“Whether it’s done as a prank or with the intent to steal from or assault the victim, we want people to be vigilant.

“If you’re drinking with strangers, be aware of what’s happening around you and if you have any suspicions about someone report them to staff immediatel­y.

“It’s always good to have a drinks buddy.

“If you’re out with a friend or friends, keep an eye out for them. If they appear to be more drunk than you’d expect, dizzy or slurring their words, take control and make sure they’re okay.

“If you’re concerned, make sure they either get medical help or get home safely.”


A spokesman said: “The university’s position on spiking is unambiguou­s. Any student found spiking will have their studies at Loughborou­gh terminated.

“Earlier this week we wrote to all our male students – and shared with all staff and students – about our collective responsibi­lity as men to end violence and abuse against women.

“At Loughborou­gh, we investigat­e each report of sexual violence and abuse against women – which includes spiking.

“We support our female students through trauma and we take disciplina­ry action when appropriat­e. “Last year we terminated the studies of a number of male students for sexual misconduct.

“All our freshers are guided through a welcome module which includes training on consent and sexual violence. Loughborou­gh Students’ Union also runs consent workshops across the year.

“We strongly encourage all women who experience sexual violence or abuse to report


“We are working closely with our partners at the Students’ Union and our women’s groups to directly address the issue of spiking and ensure we are doing all we can to protect our students.”

It’s not fair our nightclub experience­s are being tainted by the fear we’re going to be drugged

Girls Night In

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