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No evidence found to prosecute after spate of fly-tipping in village


VILLAGERS have raised concerns after a spate of “dishearten­ing” fly-tipping in their area.

Six reports of fly-tipping have been made by residents of Rothley, and Charnwood Borough Council says the illegal act can lead to jail time as well as unlimited fines.

Tony Cox said his daily walks down Bond Lane in the village have become ruined by fly-tippers.

He said: “I find it so frustratin­g and dishearten­ing that some individual­s find it OK to dispose all of the commercial waste in this manner. It’s been going on for months now with no effort by local authoritie­s to deal with these individual­s. They have been allowed to dispose of it there for too long. Its just a disgrace that people are allowed to do this and get away with it.”

The council said it had investigat­ed, but had found no evidence to identify those responsibl­e.

A spokesman said: “We’ve received six reports of fly-tipping on Bond Lane in Rothley since May. The most recent report was on October 7.

“We attended the site to investigat­e and organise the clear-up of the fly-tip, which contained hedge cuttings .

“After checking through the dumped rubbish, no evidence was found to identify who was responsibl­e, meaning no fines could be issued.”

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