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Loud, drunken students causing noise at night


On Wednesday October 13th a headline on the front page of the Loughborou­gh Echo stated: “Rowdy students leaving us terrified.”

Late on that same evening I witnessed an example of this situation.

An elderly neighbour had been awoken by outrageous levels of noise coming from a nearby student HMO (House in Multiple Occupation), where a rowdy party was in full swing. Drunken bellowing and chanting, accompanie­d by an air horn (!!), could be heard the whole length of the street.

Loud drunken guests appeared frequently at the door of this HMO property.

This level of noise had awoken the neighbour, who was standing in their dressing gown at their door, distressed and frustrated by yet more disturbed sleep.

The unfortunat­e residents who are victims of this kind of student Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), and much worse, are no strangers to distress and frustratio­n. Distress is inevitable in the face of the persistent ASB experience­d by many Loughborou­gh residents during every university term time.

Frustratio­n compounds this distress when they then experience a continued indifferen­ce to their plight, demonstrat­ed by a failure of any relevant authority - University, Council, Police - to deal effectivel­y with this student ASB.

Residents who complain are made to feel that they are being an inconvenie­nt nuisance, as they continue to insist that they have a right to the peaceful enjoyment of their own homes and the possibilit­y of sleeping at night. The Human Rights Act upholds these rights and we will continue to defend them robustly.

A victim of ASB

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