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GP rescue funding will barely scratch surface


THE government has announced a GP rescue plan to boost face-to-face consultati­ons.

I have done the workings and this £250 million amounts to just under £33,000 per practice, which is simply not enough to make a ripple.

We have serious pressures in Leicester and Leicesters­hire. In my opinion we should have a fully staffed primary care service with patients being booked in on the day and a really good domiciliar­y service where GPs are able to visit patients’ homes if necessary.

Also, I would open up three flexible A&E department­s in Leicester and Leicesters­hire as A&E is always stretched with ambulances unable to drop off patients and staff are under severe mental pressures and ultimately patient care will be delayed.

We should create an emergency fund by going into the bank accounts of the multi-millionair­es and billionair­es living in the area and by forcing all corporatio­ns to pay proper tax in this country.

These wealthy people would not be rich without the proletaria­t so I feel no guilt in this.

In my opinion, the NHS crisis has been developed by the Conservati­ve government to bring about an insurance system in the UK.

We know that this system causes huge distress in the US, but unfortunat­ely Tories care for nothing but profits.

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